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Latin Youth and the future of the United States


I am bringing out all these number to give a better understanding of the historical moment that we live today. Since that day on July 1, 2002 when we became the first grand minority in the United States with 38 million Latinos, and then, in 2010, if the projections for the future are correct we will arrive at the impressive number of 50 million. A growth of about 12 million in 8 years is impressive and breaks all the promises, even the ones made by the more optimistic of the experts.
Even though the accelerated growth of the Latino population related to immigration has slowed a bit due to the economic crisis that this country is experiencing, the seed was planted and will grow in all hospitals across the country, where daily we will see children of Hispanic parents be born and become part of the North American society. These children will then turn into the intelligence and the labor force of tomorrow. They will maintain the status of the United States as a world power not just militarily or technologically or due to its great industries or great financial investments, but they also will bring their intelligence to the fields in science, technology, education etc.
This cooperation will be one of the responsibilities of one of the youngest of all communities, which is the Hispanic population. At the same time, both, the Latinos as fathers of a great community that looks to the future of our children in this nation, and the United States that cannot continue to close it eyes to its own future must share this responsibility. Therefore, this country will have to give attention and invest in our community and especially in the education of our children and youngsters.

Larry D'Arrigo



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