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Short demographic history of the Hispanic community in the United States


Professor Leobardo Estrada, a sociologist, in his book "Latinos and the Nation's Future" and edited by Henry Cisneros (Former Housing Secretary during the Clinton administration), in May 2009, presents an analysis about the demographic implications that life events like marriage, education, death, births etc., have in the Latin society as well as in the future of the United States.

Professor Estrada demonstrates the growth of the Latin population, using as a base that when the Southwestern states became part of the United States, there were about 160,000 persons of Spanish origin in the United States and its territories.

The number of Latinos born outside the United States reached 1 million when Andrew Jackson was president.

When J. F. Kennedy was president, the number of Latinos reached 5 million.

When Richard Nixon was president, the number of Latinos reached 10 million.

When Ronald Reagan was president, the number of Latinos reached 20 million.

When Bill Clinton was president, the number of Latinos reached 30 million.

It was during the G. W. Bush administration that the number of Latinos reached 40 million.

President Obama will see the number of Latinos reach 50 million according to the numbers that the 2010 census will reveal.


Larry D'Arrigo




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